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BEYN preforming a traditional Beynland dance.
BEYN preforming a traditional Beynland dance.
Vital statistics
Position Almighty Lord of Beynland, formerly Rowanda.
Age N/A
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.75m
Weight Prefers to keep this information private.

BEYN, also known as "BANE" to most who don't know jack shite about the Secretendo Universe, is Snaily Joe's mortal enemy and nemesis. BEYN is also communist and definitely is not a Batman villain. He is currently the ruler of the Communist Republic of Beynland.


BEYN was first born in a Brazil and his parents are currently unknown, presumably they were killed when BEYN was preforming an armed robbery of a candy store at the ripe age of seven. He grew knowing the world was a terrible place and lost faith in the world some time ago and has taken up petty theft and crime. He also got proficient at the slingshot, which he used to enter the Rwandan Army, which is now known as the Beynland Army. Eventually he rose up in the ranks as an officer, and proceeded to assassinate the Rwandan President with a slingshot during a motorcade in Libya that was done when BEYN hid in a grassy knoll at shot the Rowandan President with the slingshot. BEYN then took position of Rwandan president and turned it into the Communist Republic of Beynland, which lead to an eventual attack by the democratic Snaily Joe.


BEYN is cold and cynical, and has ruled over Beynland with an iron fist for many years. He is merciless in his role of dictator of Beynland, and will stop at nothing to keep himself in power. He also seems to have a hatred of all things democratic and American, which includes Snaily Joe, whom he sees as nothing but a rebellious youth attempting to overthrow his regime.


Snaily Joe: Saves the World[]

BEYN serves as the final boss and the main antagonist of Snaily Joe: Saves the World, intending to launch advanced nuclear weapons at the United States called Beynmissilestokillsnailyjoe. Not much else is known about his role in the game.


  • The original idea for BEYN was thought up in 1960 before Batman's Bane came into existence.