• Exotoro

    Democracy is Dead.

    May 22, 2014 by Exotoro

    We failed. Heart is planning to take sysop elections away using the flismy excuse of "well... we were never really a democracy".

    She was elected by the system and now she plans to take it out while on top. The ladder of the people will be rolled up... if we don't stop it.

    I don't know what will happen after I make this. They've already banned Locky for perhaps some flimsy reasoning, so if I'm taken off the grid I'll let people know where I am.

    I am suggesting that we impeach Heartphilia. No admin has ever taken away or hell, even pondered to take away rights. But Heartphilia has crossed that line tonight.

    They'll look for any flismy reason to ban me and I'm sure this blog will be taken down and fast.

    Why should I care? Do you ever plan on being…

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  • Team-Eva

    Copy Pasta

    October 6, 2013 by Team-Eva

    Should we do a copy-paste of all the stuff from Fantendo (that isn't total shiz) onto Secretendo?

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  • Team-Eva

    Okay, guys

    August 27, 2013 by Team-Eva

    It's alright if i like experiment here isn't it? like, i've been trying to come up with ideas for my new pokemon game frostbite and sunburn versions and i just need to see if they, well, work. So yeah, is it okay if i experiment here for fantendo?

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  • Yami no Tenshi


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  • Dk64rules

    Hey guys, it's DK

    August 26, 2013 by Dk64rules

    First of all I really like this idea, and I'm glad to be accepted in. :)

    I'm not entirely sure on the "policy" differences of Secretendo as opposed to Fantendo. Are there any? Because the Snaily Joe stuff (which is absolutely hilarious) does give the impression that this is more of a joke wiki.

    I might simoultaneously post stuff on here and Fantendo, if that's okay (ugh I feel like a noob in the place without noobs), and if Fantendo gets too bad for me to want to stay, I'll probably be here exclusively.

    So, hello Secretendo!

    Also I had an idea for a simpler logo, so I'd just like to share:

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  • Sr.Wario

    doh you

    August 25, 2013 by Sr.Wario

    I got an invitation to the Illuminati!

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  • LockyX2

    so yes, that boring-ass dark blue & blue color pallete from fantendo is going to be the background of this wiki as well.

    also new logo:

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  • T0M.V.12

    uhm hi?

    August 25, 2013 by T0M.V.12

    Uhm hey guys, what is this? Is this like the new Fantendo without the noobs or is this a joke? Not trying to be a buzzkill or anything but why is this thing even here I'm just wondering.

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