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High Hat Society
Era Unspecified
Appearances Unspecified
Homeworld Thunderland/Asunderland
Affiliations Themselves
Main purpose Gentleman's club

The High Hat Society is a secretive gentleman's club of prestigious individuals. It is absolutely required that all members wear top hats in their daily lives, as well as when at the gentleman's club; any potential candidate who does not wear one will never be accepted into the society, no exceptions. Also, any member who shows up without their trademark top hat are immediately banned for life. Individuals can prove their worth and redeem themselves in the eyes of the society, however it takes much effort and is quite a large undertaking.

Although it is now unknown whether it was originally an intended purpose behind the organization, all members of the High Hat Society also happen to be serial killers. The members often discuss their latest murders with one another in a bemused and oft-excited way that may not be exerted from them anywhere else. As far as any member can tell, every member is very proud to be a "card"-carrying member of this clandestine affiliation.

The group, though chock full of murderers, is not generally considered villainous, however, as the individuals never use the affiliation to band together and wreak havoc on a larger scale. Instead, it is a place for like-minded individuals to spend their time, relax, and discuss their personal lives without fear of reprieve or police apprehension.

Known members[]

  • Loki Steinbach, the Mad Jackson
  • Teamaster
  • The Hatter
  • Wesley Quickhatch