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Lunatic Entertainment
Founder Somarinoa
Type Video Game/Movie/Novel Company
Founded 1995
Headquarters Anchorage, Alaska
Area Covered North America
Employees 2

Lunatic Entertainment is a game, movie and novel company founded by Somarinoa initially founded in 1995, though it remained unnamed until 1996. While it primarily creates original works, it also has produced a number of fangames as well.

Games mentioned here are the entertaining ones that seem to fit with Secretendo's theme of randomness and comedic value. For a full list of Lunatic Entertainment games, follow this link to Creativity Wiki.

Fan Games[]

Blizzard Series[]

  • Warcraft: Another Portal

Capcom Series[]

Mega Man[]
  • Mega Man Amalgamation
  • Mega Man Remix
  • Mega Man K
  • Mega Man seX
  • Mega Man XZ
  • Megaman Invasion
  • Megaman Tempo
  • Megaman Tempo Online
Resident Evil[]
  • Resident Evil: Caught in the Crossfire

Konami Series[]

Silent Hill[]
  • Silent Hill: Devil's Pacifism

Midway Series[]

Mortal Kombat[]
  • Mortal Kombat ♃

Namco Series[]

Klonoa Series[]
  • Klonoa Dreamscapes

Nintendo Series[]

  • Metroid Trials
Super Mario Bros.[]
  • Mushroom War
  • Super Mario: Bomblock's Revenge
The Legend of Zelda[]
  • The Legend of Zelda: Dark Legacy
  • Pornomon

Sega Series[]

Sonic the Hedgehog[]
  • Sonic Reunion
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Snip the Strip

Miscellaneous Games[]

  • Amalgam Online
  • Another's Wonder
  • Bounty Hunter Convention
  • Dangerous Wilds
  • Forgotten Legacy of Kain title
  • Glover
  • Legends of the West
  • Pong 2000 (Released 2000)
  • Operation Arachnida
  • Operation Mollusca
  • Serious Nukem Hazard Rock
  • Sonic Bomberman
  • Starcraft
  • Territorial
  • Territorial Xspecies
  • Ultimate Showdown
  • Ƶ

Original Games[]

Galactic Expanse Metaseries[]

  • GODex
  • Have You Got the Balls?!
  • Hybrid
  • Intergalactic Bounty Hunter
  • Shipwreck
  • Star Cleaner
  • Xrosroads

Alien Dinosaur Trophy Hunter Series[]

  • Alien Dinosaur Trophy Hunter
  • Alien Dinosaur Trophy Hunter 2
  • Alien Dinosaur Trophy Hunter 3

Conquest Series[]

  • Nodh vs. Narc: A Conquest of Galaxies
  • Kalindra: Another Conquest
  • The Secret of Hush: Conquest 3

Diakatan Series[]

  • Alternate Fantasy
  • Five Heroes
  • Legend of the Dragoon
  • Legend of the Dragoon II
  • Legend of the Dragoon III
  • Monster Space

Immortal Greed Series[]

  • Immortal Greed
  • Immortal Greed 2: Unrest
  • Immortal Greed 3: Chaos

Master of Survival Series[]

  • Master of Survival
  • Master of Survival: Slipaway
  • Master of Survival: Deliver Every Friday
  • Master of Survival: Quit Using Inside the Office

Mega Somarinoa Series[]

  • Mega Somarinoa
  • Mega Somarinoa 2

Scourge Series[]

  • Scourge
  • Crux: Scourge II

The Vuunega Chronicles[]

  • The Vuunega Chronicles: The Zomm
  • The Vuunega Chronicles: Story of the Aurix

Seriesless Games[]

  • Alternate Bionics Just Elongate Oroborous' Alpha-Dextrous Janglomaton Feature, Killing Legionous Eradication Androids Of Infinite Hyperdrive Diamonds (Filled Liquid Kryptonian Neutrons By Negating Malfunctioning Atomic Energies) - Quantum Pouncing Orobouros from Jean 2000 - Deadly Jean Fuel Killers Hide Secret Horrors From Kardeidus deo, Wailing Planet Xenomorphic Monstrosities 3: Shadow of a Walrus
  • Battle Royale
  • Biota
  • Catch the—! ...Guy. (Released 2009)
  • Doctorate War
  • Fighter's Union
  • Gaygents
  • Girls' Night Out!
  • God Eraser
  • Kevin Poacher, MD
  • No More Heroes
  • Real Polite Gentlemen
  • Shitson!
  • Slicer's Debate
  • Teatime for Transients
  • They Rise
  • Troublesome Dicks
  • Urth
  • Wrestlevania


  • Angel Grove Falls: Aliens vs. Power Rangers (Action Horror)
  • Ash vs. Predator (Action Horror)
  • Aurora Gorealis (Horror)
  • Cockblock (Semi-Adult Film)
  • Night of the Mung Mutants (Raunchy Horror)
  • Pizza By The Slice! (Slasher Thriller)
  • Qupqugiaq (Horror)
  • Rock Me Amadeus (Sci-Fi)
  • The Desire of Deadly Doom (Comedy-Horror)
  • The Insatiable Hunger of the Damned (Horror)

Murder Kingdom series[]

A series of mostly unrelated slasher films involving various gimmicky slasher characters who are named after various animals.

  • The Annelid
  • The Bear
  • The Scavenger
  • The Urchin

Star Whores series[]

A series of adult films parodying the Star Wars films. Possess more emphasis on story than most modern adult films in the industry. Laced with humor.

  • Jeddy Mind Tricks
  • Star Whores Episode 1: The Phantom Man Ass
  • Star Whores Episode 2: Attack of the Moans
  • Star Whores Episode 3: Revenge of the Stiff
  • Star Whores Episode 4: A Nude Hope
  • Star Whores Episode 5: The Empire Dykes Whack
  • Star Whores Episode 6: Return of the Jeddy

Vampire Treasure Hunter series[]

  • Vampire Treasure Hunter
  • Succubus Electrician (Prequel)
  • Deep One Dentist (Sequel)



  • StarGazer
  • The Out-Timers


  • How to Skirt Through Life On Only a Wing & a Prayer (Autobiography)
  • One Helluva Night! (Hentai Lemon)
  • Silent Hill: Devil's Pacifism (Psychological Horror)
  • The Devil's Pacifism (Transgressive Fiction)
  • The Fleepy Adventures of Princess Sheeshamagak (Literary Nonsense Fairy Tale)
  • The Vuunega Chronicles


Employee Name Job
Thor Steinbach CEO, Game Director, Developer, Enemy & Character Design
Scott Root Music