Operation Amorph (stylized as Operation AMORPH) is a 2D platformer. It is unique, along with the other "Operation" games, in that the enemies strictly belong to one group of animal species—in this case, amorphous slimes. Because of this, the only creatures featured within it are beings such as slimes, blobs, amoebas, et cetera. Most of these enemies are from various media sources such as other video games, although there are a few original ones seen as well, as are some real life species.



Species ListEdit

Image Species Origin Additional Info
Acid (Chrono Trigger) Acid Chrono Trigger
Alkali (Chrono Trigger) Alkali Chrono Trigger
Ameblob Ameblob Breath of Fire
Blob MS Sprite Blob Legends of Diakatan Slowly hop after their foes
Boss Bot Boss Bot The Legend of Zelda Aggressively leaps after targets; splits into 5 Dark Blue Bots when struck
Buzz Blob Buzz Blob The Legend of Zelda
Ditto (Pokemon) Ditto Pokémon
Eye Goo Eye Goo Breath of Fire
Gold Slime (BoF) Gold Slime Breath of Fire
Golden King (BoF) Golden King Breath of Fire
Goo King (BoF) Goo King Breath of Fire
Goo Titan (BoF) Goo Titan Breath of Fire
Gooey (BoF) Gooey Breath of Fire
Grey Goo MS Sprite Grey Goo Legends of Diakatan
Grimer (Pokemon) Grimer Pokémon
Jelly Golem (BoF) Jelly Golem Breath of Fire
Mage Goo (BoF) Mage Goo Breath of Fire
Metamucil Blob Metamucil Blob Metamucil Mindlessly rolls around: obstacle more than enemy. Touched items adhere to it and are taken away.
Muk (Pokemon) Muk Pokémon
Puff Goo Puff Goo Breath of Fire
R.Slime (BoF) Red Slime Breath of Fire
AmeblobX Sea Blob Breath of Fire
Slime (BoF) Slime Breath of Fire
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