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Operation Mollusca is a 2D platformer. It is unique, along with the other "Operation" games, in that the enemies strictly belong to one group of animal species—in this case, mollusks. Because of this, the only creatures featured within it are beings such as bivalves, cephalopods and gastropods. Most of these enemies are from various media sources such as other video games, although there are a few original ones seen as well, as are some real life species.


The great Cthulhu has sent his Faceless and Illithid worshipers to gather the various mollusks of the world in an attempt to take it over. It is up to you to stop them!


Image Character Origin Additional Info
ShaniquaPromo1.png Shaniqua Secretendo Preorder Character Appears in game when playing as Snaily Joe
Snailyjoe.png Snaily Joe Fantendo / Secretendo Preorder Character Can be unlocked for play through pre-ordering the game


Image Species Origin Additional Info
Accelegor.png Accelegor Pokémon Evolves from Shelmets during certain levels
Butterklamm Alternate Fantasy Ambient species—flutter back and forth between trees
Clam Super Mario 64.png Clam Super Mario Bros. Hold items within their clamshell
Clam Super Mario Galaxy 2.png Clam Super Mario Bros. Hold items within their clamshell
Clam Elder Scrolls.jpg Clam The Elder Scrolls Ambient species—relinquish Clam Meat if attacked
Clam Yoshi's Story.png Clam Super Mario Bros. Blow air that makes traversing underwater areas more difficult
Clambo.png Clambo Donkey Kong Country Sits still and fires pearls in set patterns & intervals
Clampy.png Clampy Super Mario Bros. Hold items within their clamshell and attempt to trap heroes
Cloyster.png Cloyster Pokémon Evolves from Shellders during certain levels
Durapurl.png Durapurl Super Mario Bros. Move about and spit out pearls
Klam.png Klam Donkey Kong Country Small in size; repeatedly open and close mouth, which holds pearl. Only teeth can injure foes.
Noki.png Noki Super Mario Bros.
Shellder.png Shellder Pokémon Evolves into Cloyster during certain levels
Shellycoat Alternate Fantasy
Shelmet.png Shelmet Pokémon Evolves into Accelegor during certain levels


Sprite Species Origin Additional Info
Airsquid Star Wars Seen in the background of some levels
Akkorokamui Alternate Fantasy Setting—A level takes place on the back of one
Ammonite BoF3.gif Ammonite Breath of Fire
Arboreal Octopus.png Arboreal Octopus Star Wars Drops out of the trees onto targets.
Aurorient Band Member Star Wars Seen in background of 1 level playing music on stage
Bad Rap.png Bad Rap Final Fantasy VII
Bad Rap.png Bad Rap Sample Final Fantasy VII
Beachplug.png Beachplug Final Fantasy VII
Bipus Alternate Fantasy
Blooper.png Blooper Super Mario Bros.
Bubble Blooper.gif Bubble Blooper Super Mario Bros.
Cooler Mammoth PSP.png Cooler Mammoth Final Fantasy IV Accompanied by Cooler Leeches
Cooler Leech PSP.png Cooler Leech Final Fantasy IV Accompanies Cooler Mammoths
Cthulhu.jpg Cthulhu H.P. Lovecraft Final Boss Encountered if some but not all 665 Illithids & Cthulhuspawn are found and killed
Cthulhu Energized.jpg Cthulhu (Energized) H.P. Lovecraft Final Boss Encountered if none of the 665 Illithids & Cthulhuspawn are found and killed
Cthulhu Malnourished.png Cthulhu (Malnourished) H.P. Lovecraft Final Boss Encountered if all 665 Illithids & Cthulhuspawn are found and killed and The Elder God is defeated
Cthulhu Weakened.jpg Cthulhu (Weakened) H.P. Lovecraft Final Boss Encountered if at least half but not all of the 665 Illithids & Cthulhuspawn are found and killed
Croctopus Art.png Croctopus Donkey Kong Country
Crystal World Kraken.png Crystal Kraken Final Fantasy IX
Decapus Alternate Fantasy
Electrasquid.png Electrasquid Donkey Kong Country
Gigan Octopus.png Gigan Octopus Final Fantasy IX
Globster Alternate Fantasy
Kraken FFIX Art.jpg Kraken Final Fantasy IX Boss
Megasquid.jpg Megasquid The Future Is Wild
Mind Flayer FFT.gif Mindflayer Final Fantasy Tactics
Nemo DKC.gif Nemo Donkey Kong Country
Octillery.png Octillery Pokémon
Octo BoF.gif Octo Breath of Fire Boss
Octo-Kraken PSP.png Octo-Kraken Final Fantasy IV
Octo-Leech.png Octo-Leech Final Fantasy IV
Octomammoth SNES.png Octomammoth Final Fantasy IV
Octopus DKC.png Octopus Donkey Kong Country
Omanyte.png Omanyte Pokémon Evolves into Omastar during certain levels
Omastar.png Omastar Pokémon Evolves from Omanyte during certain levels
Piscodaemon FFT.gif Piscodaemon Final Fantasy Tactics
Polar Krancton Alternate Fantasy Boss
Poodler.png Poodler Final Fantasy VII
Poodler.png Poodler Sample Final Fantasy VII
Rainbow Squid.jpg Rainbow Squid The Future Is Wild
Sample 6 BoF3.png Sample 6 Breath of Fire
Shell Missile.png Shell Missile Donkey Kong Country
Squibbon.jpg Squibbon The Future Is Wild
Squid BoF.gif Squid Breath of Fire Boss
Squid DKCJB.png Squid Donkey Kong Country
Squiddicus.png Squiddicus Donkey Kong Country Boss—encountered throughout level as a background hazard
Squidly Art.png Squidly Donkey Kong Country
Squidraken FFT.gif Squidraken Final Fantasy Tactics
Swampus.jpg Swampus The Future Is Wild


Sprite Species Origin Additional Info
Alraune FFXIII.png Alraune Final Fantasy XIII
Caterchipillar FFXIII.png Caterchipillar Final Fantasy XIII
Crawler FFXIII.png Crawler Final Fantasy XIII
Desert Hopper.png Desert Hopper The Future Is Wild
Exoray FFXIII.png Exoray Final Fantasy XIII
Fire Slug BoF3.gif Fire Slug Breath of Fire III
Gastrodon.png Gastrodon Pokémon Evolves from Shellos during certain levels
Huge Slug BoF3.gif Huge Slug Breath of Fire III Boss—can be encountered more than once
Huge Slug Baby BoF3.png Huge Slug Baby Breath of Fire III Seen both in Huge Slug battle and in typical encounters
Manaphy.png Manaphy Pokémon Tailed by several Phiones
Noctilucale FFXIII.png Noctilucale Final Fantasy XIII
Phione.png Phione Pokémon Trails after Manaphys
Rafflesia FFXIII.png Rafflesia Final Fantasy XIII
Reef Glider.png Reef Glider The Future Is Wild
Sample 2 BoF3.png Sample 2 Breath of Fire III Boss
Sarracenia FFXIII.png Sarracenia Final Fantasy XIII
Shellos.png Shellos Pokémon Evolves into Gastrodon during certain levels
Slug BoF3.gif Slug Breath of Fire III
Spiranthes FFXIII.png Spiranthes Final Fantasy XIII