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Shaniqua is a female snail created by Team-Eva (Talk). She is Secretendo's second mascot, along Snaily Joe. She appears in some games with Snaily Joe doing a minor role.


Shaniqua lived in a box with her brothers' and sisters' until one day (July 30th 2013) a girl name Eva took her home and raised her as her own. Shaniqua was always sassier than the rest of the snails, always polishing her shell and chomping on her letteuce. Shaniqua kept growing bigger until one day she met Snaily Joe her fist thoughts about him where "OH DAYUM" and Snaily Joe and Shaniqua grew close and the two became best friends. Shaniqua still lives with Eva and plans to do so until the great snail uprising.


Snaily Joe: Saves the World[]

Snaily Joe versus Pedobear Recolor[]

Snaily Joe 2: Elektrik Boop-a-loo[]

Snaily Joe 3D[]

Snaily Pilgrim vs The World[]


Shaniqua has the ability to controle the power of sass. She can make all the people around act sassy, she also has the ability to break walls by yelling "MHMM GURL" at the top of her voice